Velvet shoes


Simply I have affection to wear bermudas trousers. And if you think that this sort of clothes need to have palm trees, fruits. Well not.Shoes made of velvet,simple shirt and sunglasses.Shoes have a bit unusual heels,but that make them much easier to wear then to regual heal. Guess it all about ankle of heel.I have one movie recommendation too. It is The Age of Adaline. I was skeptic about this movie for no particular reason. Same story like with Gone girl. This movie is fantastic. Beside amazing cast, incredible plot, you could also enjoy in costumes who are made for Blake Lively.

Spadam u tip osoba koje gaje izuzetnu ljubav prema bermudama. I ne, ovaj komad odeće ne mora da bude urađen u printu koji ima na sebi palme i svo moguće tropsko voće. Uz ovo sam ukombinovala cipele od somota sa malo neobičnijom štiklom i košulju.Odavno nisam ubacila neku preporuku filma pa evo jedne The Age of Adaline. Bila sam neverovatno skeptična prema ovom filmu.Bez nekog posebnog razloga.Gone girl priča se ponovila. Ali ono što čini ovaj film dobrim,pored odlične ekipe,scenarija, jesu i kostimi. Istinski ljubitelji mode imaju priliku da uživaju u neverovatnoj odeći koju u ovom filmu nosi Blake Lively.

Shoes: Fahrenheit // Sunglasses: Ray Ban// Shirt :Newyorker// Trousers: Moda mi Ateks // Earings :Tally Weijl// Bag: Tally Weijl  

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  1. Nice shoes!! Vidim da se i kod vas prolepsalo vreme. Ova ti boja kosulje bas lepo stoji. Torbica je prelepa.

    March and May

  2. The shoe is hot and you look great. :-)

  3. Love ur bag and shoes!

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  4. OMG! How cute is that! Love you OOTD! You look amazing and so so adorable. Cool shoes!

  5. I love the accessories! They are stunning including those beautiful shoes.

    Have a lovely day,
    Rebecca xoxo

  6. Hello,

    Very nice look ! :D


  7. Love ur shoes

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  8. Kosulja ti super stoji!Odlicno!

  9. Fantastic look.

  10. Beautiful post my dear!!! I Follow you ! Kisses ))

  11. Dear Maja thanks for post on my Sugarlove blog. Argano oil is perfec for one milion things. I would be very happy for folowing each other. And i must say you have a beautiful blog. this shoes...oh lord:) amazing:). Monika

  12. Jako lijep outfit i veoma simpa blog! Zapratila sam te pa te molim i da ti mene zapratis :)

  13. You look adorable! I have wanted to see The Age of Adaline, too! I think I missed seeing it (here) in theaters, but I hope to catch it soon on video! T.

  14. Love your super cool pants!
    Many thanks for the kind words on my blog. Your blog is obviously made with huge passion and now I want to ask you if you want to follow each other?
    xx Rena
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  15. You look great :) I love your hair <3
    Maybe we could follow each other? Please, let me know :)

  16. prelijepo...bermude su bas po mom ukusu :)