Nasty and nice


 When Nasty Gal decide to give something there wasnt doubt I choose shoes like every shoella. I decied to choose what I want and what I like, no matter is not warm outside. Orange shoes I am chasing for such long time, or there wasnt number or model wasnt like I wanted. This model is right one. For other of Nasty Gal shoes I choose classic,fringe and camel color.
Kada sam počela da biram Nasty Gal cipele, više nije bilo važno ni godišnje doba ni temperatura.Želela sam da uzmem ono što se meni sviđalo.Narandžaste cipele jurim već dugo,ili se model rasprodao, ili nije bilo broja, ili jednostano nije to bilo baš to što sam tražila.Ovaj model je bio baš to što sam tražila.Što se tiče ostalih modela  Nasty Gal odabrala sam klasiku.rese i kamel boju. 

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  1. Oh great post :)

  2. Gorgeous shoes, Maja. Totally swooning over the fringe heels and booties.

  3. Cool shoes!

  4. OMG!!!The second and the third one are amazing...*-*
    Great post sweetie.
    Would you like to follow each other?Let me know on my blog,so I follow back...I'm waiting for you.
    Hugs from Italy

  5. Great sandals and I like these boots with fringe too!))

    xx Veronica

  6. Here I am...I follow you back dear!!!Than you to stopping by my blog.

  7. Ma ove narandzaste su preeedobre! Pala sam kad sam ih videla :)

    Adela Acanski

  8. Those shoes are stunning and stylish, I so love the first shoes <3

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  9. Hi, I saw that your last comment on my blog was very rude and uncalled for. Besides blogging I have a life, and not checking your message saying to follow you back, could have a lot of reasons, for eg- being sick, out of town, or simply busy. This way coming to my blog, and threatening me is not only impolite, but is an insult to all the blogger community, which is very loving, and wants to be in touch with good blogs, and a way to show our work and reach out to other bloggers.
    I am sorry, I didn't like the tone of your comment, which was very crude and hurtful.
    Keeping that in mind, neither I have any intention to follow u now, nor any inclination to visit your blog in future. I would humbly request you to unfollow me , and never visit my page too.
    Peace and love -

    1. "u look very chic, and the colour is great too. Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If you want we can follow each other on GFC ,Bloglovin/G+..Let me know ! ✿thefashionflite ✿twitter ✿Bloglovin ✿FaceBook o"

      This your comment on my blog, You really need professional help. Aggressive,impulsive, it is pretty clear you are menatally sick. Dont send me messages, ,mails, I will publish article about your cyber bulling, This last couple days. Even some blogger send me mails to avoid you, that you unstable, that you ask for money, I am going to publish all of that.Ask for help and dont forget you are come to my blog to ask for follow when I said now, you are went crazy. Several bloggers told me same. Ask for help, you need help.

    2. Maja,pusti je. Meni je tako dosla da moli za follow,kad sam pocela da je pratim,nikom nista.Ja sam je pitala da uzvrati follow.Poceli su mejlovi i komentari na blogu da joj pretim.Ocigledno ima mentalnih problems.Lepa je obuca.

  10. Love the first one !! x

  11. LOVE nasty gal! Those shoes are loud and gorgeous, the fringe heels are so in!

    Have a lovely day,
    Rebecca x

  12. I love the orange one!!!

    The Cutielicious